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  • Podcast: The dragon of Venosa
    The air was still and heavy, weighing down on Venosa, a silence laden with unspoken terror. At the edge of the village, ancient stones outlined the profile of the Church of San Giovanni. Built on Roman ruins, the Church held centuries of stories within its walls. But none as chilling as the one unfolding now.… Read more: Podcast: The dragon of Venosa
  • The mystical Craco
    Craco, enveloped in a halo of mystery, stands abandoned in the evocative south of Basilicata.
  • Il monachicchio – the little monk
    The lively and playful Monachicchio which, however, can disturb our sleep. How to protect yourself from his nocturnal pranks?
  • The legend of the dragon of Venosa
    The legend of the Venosa dragon remains alive in local culture and continues to inspire and enchant those who hear it.
  • Trip to Lucania – Viaggio in Lucania 1965
    Trip to Lucania – Viaggio in Lucania, directed by Luigi Di Gianni in 1965, is a documentary that denounces the plight of the Lucanian farmers
  • Astragali: the ancestors of dice
    The game or divination with the astragali, little bones of the lower limbs of goats and rams, were used a lot by the Greeks and Romans
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