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 Background - Basilicata Mistero

Basilicata Mistero
Journey to the ancient Basilicata

Discover the enchanting and untamed region of Basilicata, steeped in a rich history of popular traditions and beliefs. This land is imbued with an ancient magic that has been passed down through generations, resulting in a fascinating blend of religious and mystical practices. Join us on a mysterious journey as we delve into the nature, folklore, anthropology, literature, miracles, legends, and eerie tales that have endured the test of time.
Open your eyes to a new perspective and explore the wonders of Basilicata like never before.

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Articles of Basilicata Mystery

  • Il monachicchio – the little monk
    The lively and playful Monachicchio which, however, can disturb our sleep. How to protect yourself from his nocturnal pranks?
  • The legend of the dragon of Venosa
    The legend of the Venosa dragon remains alive in local culture and continues to inspire and enchant those who hear it.
  • Trip to Lucania – Viaggio in Lucania 1965
    Trip to Lucania – Viaggio in Lucania, directed by Luigi Di Gianni in 1965, is a documentary that denounces the plight of the Lucanian farmers
  • Astragali: the ancestors of dice
    The game or divination with the astragali, little bones of the lower limbs of goats and rams, were used a lot by the Greeks and Romans
  • The myth of the warrior Basilèus of Baragiano
    The myth of the warrior Basilèus of Baragiano, rich and powerful warlord. The archeopark of Baragiano recounts his deeds
  • Luigi Di Gianni
    Luigi di Gianni was one of the greatest Italian documentary filmmakers delving into anthropological, religious and social themes.
  • San Giuseppe bonfires
    Bonfires of San Giuseppe. A rite that has survived the centuries representing a ritual of purification and consecration
  • A ghost in Miglionico castle?
    The sad story of a young bride and her tragic death within the walls of the castle of Miglionico.
  • Forenza Crucifix
    There are several legends related to the Crucifix of Forenza. A statue with a unique feature, to visit and admire.
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