The mystical Craco

Mystical Craco, enveloped in a halo of mystery, stands abandoned in the evocative south of Basilicata. Its ancient stone streets and crumbling houses whisper stories of a forgotten past, while a mystical atmosphere permeates the air.

Abandoned over time due to landslides and structural instability, Craco is now a place where time seems to have stopped. Its houses, steeped in history and secrets, stand as silent sentinels of a bygone era. Walking through the deserted alleyways offers an experience imbued with charm and unease, with the dilapidated houses still guarding the whispers of past events.

The panoramic view from the abandoned village, suspended between sky and earth, adds a magical touch to this enigmatic atmosphere. The wild nature that has reclaimed its space creates a surreal aura, contributing to painting Craco as a mysterious and captivating place.

Keeper of buried secrets and tales lost in time, Craco attracts travelers and adventurers eager to immerse themselves in the dark beauty of its decay. A unique experience awaits those who dare to venture into the ruins, unveiling the magic of this abandoned place steeped in mystery.

There are tales of a powerful witch living in solitude in the now-empty reservoir beneath the tallest tower of the village. Some say that, in order to avoid being disturbed by the inhabitants, the witch caused that cursed landslide, forcing the last people who persisted in staying among those houses to flee.

Witch’s herb

During my last visit, I noticed how the vegetation has changed over the past years. In particular, I observed that right at the base of the tower, between two rocks, a “Datura stramonium” plant has sprouted, known as the witch’s herb or devil’s weed, due to its high toxicity. This plant is widely used in the preparation of potions or lethal filters.

In the wild and desolate landscape, numerous crows can be seen circling above the abandoned tower. It is said that they are the eyes and allies of the mysterious witch residing within. Legends tell of a dark pact between the witch and these crows, which has made them her messengers and guardians of her power. It is said that when the crows fly in flocks and caw in a sinister manner, it is a sign of the imminent presence of the witch and her dark spells. The atmosphere around the tower is imbued with an aura of mystery and fear, fueled by the presence of the crows and the alleged magic of the witch who still watches over the village from her solitary refuge.

The music that serves as the audio backdrop of this video is the result of my feelings and perceptions absorbed during a recent visit to the mystical Craco.

Would you ever go there?

Datura stramonium:

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