Stories and legends

Stories and legends

The mystical Craco

Craco, enveloped in a halo of mystery, stands abandoned in the evocative south of Basilicata.

Il monachicchio – the little monk

The lively and playful Monachicchio which, however, can disturb our sleep. How to protect yourself from his nocturnal pranks?

The legend of the dragon of Venosa

The legend of the Venosa dragon remains alive in local culture and continues to inspire and enchant those who hear it.

A ghost in Miglionico castle?

The sad story of a young bride and her tragic death within the walls of the castle of Miglionico.

Forenza Crucifix

There are several legends related to the Crucifix of Forenza. A statue with a unique feature, to visit and admire.

The Italian Ministry of Culture recognizes the “Monachella” as intangible heritage

The Monachella is a small female character who takes up residence in the towns of Rotondella, Nova Siri, and Montalbano Jonico.

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